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Apprentice Services

As our apprentices become qualified in services we will add them to this service list at a discounted price to allow confidence, techniques and knowledge to flourish


Shannon is currently our

first year apprentice.

Shannon is completing her

training at Tafe, and completing Flavas Foundation courses in

the salon. Shannon is becoming confident in customer service and understanding the art of consultations to complete client services with high standards.

Junior Services

Freshly qualified stylists can still require more time to complete some services and they may still ask for assistance in technique and direction and choices selected to help guarantee quality

IMG_0137 (2).jpg

Junior Stylist

Ashley is our newly

qualified stylist.

Ashley loves creating

blondes, using customised techniques to create specific hues. Ashley enjoys expanding her knowledge and skills by completing as many master classes in colour and styles as she can

Master Services

With over 5 years of qualified experience, customer service and knowledge you will be guided by this experience and knowledge to a high quality service.

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20221231_134651 (2).jpg

Master Stylists

Kerrie and Christine have over 50 years in the industry together. While they have seen many trends come and go over the years they are still passionate about creating individual styles for clients. Kerrie and Christine believe you are never to old to stop learning and so they enjoy expanding their skills and knowledge whenever possible.

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